WearItBaby!  Show the world what you love!

WearItBaby! Show the world what you love!

Welcome to WearItBaby.com

This website is something very unique, it is something that represents 40 years of Artwork, it represents a dream! A dream of being able to share artwork that has never been available to the everyday person.

From airbrushed Harleys to Polynesian Tattoo designs......digital artwork and canvas prints, wraps for your vehicle or one for your guitar, who knows maybe even your gun or fridge!

Everyone has their own taste and style, we know we cannot have something for everyone and that is cool, there are other products out there for them.

This dream is more than just about art, it is also about Freedom. In the past we were stuck in our store, having had 4 stores in the past, just the fact of having to be there at a certain time and close at a certain time was the problem. Trying to find dependable help and paying electric bills and million dollar liability insurance...well, that stuff can take the fun out of having a business!!!

Now with the internet it is possible to live anywhere in the world and run a business, even more efficient than a brick and mortar store or shop! This is a profound change in the way the world works! Many people are still stuck in the old thinking and they need to change it or the world will leave them behind!

It is nice to know you can pay a person in the Philippines a good wage for them and really change their family situation while keeping our prices lower. Or pay an American Company for their unique quality products and help them keep their business vibrant, easily offering products from around the world, knowing that the world is a community!

One thing has not changed, SERVICE! Treating People the way you want to be treated is even more important with an online business, it is the only way to do business! Take pride and responsibility for each and every product you sell!

With that in mind, there is no other way to do business than to offer a 100% GUARANTEE on EVERY PRODUCT SOLD! If you customer is not happy they can have a refund with no delay or BS! That is the way we have run our businesses for the past 40 years! No exceptions!

We really look forward to this new adventure WearItBaby.com will be the place to find really cool art based products that have never been seen, we are not into following trends, so if you need to follow a trend we might not be your store, we START TRENDS!

As we have always said, "they can steal what we have done, but they cannot steal what we are going to do" that is the difference between copying trends and making trends, coming up with new ideas that have never been done....that is the fun part!

We will also offer insight into how you can live a Location Independent Lifestyle....working from anywhere in the world that has a decent internet connection......its a good way to live:)